Howard Robard Hughes, Jr.

Given our family name of "Hughes", it is natural enough for people to wonder if we're related to Howard Hughes.

We're not.

(At least, not that Howard Hughes. There is a Howard Hughes in our ancestry.)

Still, I thought it would be fun to see just who Howard was related to. I found the following information on the web; it comes from a work entitled "Genealogy of Howard Robard Hughes Jr" by Mary Smith Fay. It appeared in the National Genealogical Quarterly, March 1983, Vol 71 #1, page 5-12. There are some intriguing names in here -- such as Josiah Hughes (same name as Ira Hughes' brother) and John Wesley Hughes. In both cases, the men involved are older than the corresponding men of the same name in our family. The unexpected connection of these two relatives of Howard R. Hughes to Missouri and Iowa is also curious.

Now then, if you are interested in contacting someone who is related to the Howard Hughes, John Hughes is interested to talk with you. Drop him a line.

Ancestors of Howard Robard Hughes

(generation one is speculative)

______ Hughes
  William Hughes born ABT 1780, married ABT 1807, in Va, Judith Hughes, born BEF 1790, Va, (daughter of Josiah Hughes)
    Joshua Waters Hughes born 15 Oct 1808, occupation Blacksmith/Farmer, married 28 Jul 1831, Martha Askins, born 25 Sep 1808, Ky, died 16 Sep 1892, Scotland Co, Mo, buried: Mount Moriah Church, Arbela, Mo. Joshua died 24 Mar 1901, Scotland Co, Mo, buried: Mt Moriah Church, Arbrla, Mo. Was in the U.S. Army on 18 Apr 1832 in St Clair Co, Il.
      William P Hughes born ABT 1832, occupation Farmer, died Indianola, Ia.
      John Wesley Hughes born ABT 1836, occupation Farmer, died Scotland Co, Mo.
      Felix Turner Hughes born 10 Nov 1837, Milstadt, St Clair Co, Il, married 1 Aug 1865, in Memphis, Mo, Jean Amelia Summerlin, born 6 May 1842, Keosaqua, Ia, (daughter of Thomas Summerlin and Bathsheba Robard) died 4 Nov 1928, Los Angeles, Ca, buried: Woodland Cemetery, Keokuk, Ia. Felix died 19 Oct 1926, Los Angeles, Ca, buried: Woodland Cemetery, Keokuk, Ia. Was enlisted in US Army on 18 AUG 1862.
        Greta Hughes born 4 Jun 1866, Schuyler Co, Mo., occupation Singer, "Jeanna Greta"
        Howard Robard Hughes born 9 Sep 1869, Lancaster, Schuyler Co, Mo, married 24 May 1904, in Dallas, TX, Allene Gano, born Scott Co, KY, (daughter of William Bariah Gano and Jeannette de la Fayette Grissom) died 29 Mar 1922, Houston, TX. Howard died 14 Jan 1924, Houston, Harris Co, TX.
          Howard Robard Hughes (Jr) born 24 Dec 1905, Houston, Harris Co, TX, occupation Aviator, Movie Producer, married (1) 1 Jun 1925, in Christ Church Cathedral, Houston, TX, divorced 1929, Ella Botts Rice, married (2) 13 Mar 1957, in Tonopah, NV, divorced 1970, Jean Peters, born Bedford Co, VA, occupation Movie Star. Howard died 5 Apr 1976, on airplane from Mexico to Houston, TX.
        Rupert Hughes born 31 Jan 1872, Schuyler Co, Mo, married (1) 12 Dec 1893, in St. George's Church, New York, NY, divorced 1904, Agnes Wheeler Hedge, married (2) 22 Jun 1908, in Atlantic City, NJ, Adelaide Mould, died of suicide 14 Dec 1924, Haiphong, Indochina, married (3) 31 Dec 1924, in Los Angeles, CA, Elizabeth Patterson Dial, occupation Actress "Patterson Dial", died of overdose 23 Mar 1945, Los Angeles, CA. Rupert died 9 Sep 1956, Los Angeles.
Children by Agnes Wheeler Hedge:
          Elspeth Hughes born 23 May 1897, New York, NY, married 20 Mar 1922, in Washington, DC, Edward John Lapp, born 8 May 1899, NY, occupation Capt, U.S. Navy, died 3 Nov 1967, Cleveland, OH. Elspeth died 15 May 1945, Cleveland, Cuyahuga Co, OH.
            Agnes Christine Lapp born 18 Jan 1924, Washington, DC, married 24 Nov 1942, in OH, George W Roberts
            Elspeth Summerlin Lapp born 7 Mar 1925, Washington, DC, married 8 Jul 1947, in Cleveland, Oh, John DePould
            Barbara Patterson Lapp born 4 Sep 1926, Jacksonville, FL, married 9 Dec 1948, in Los Angeles, CA, Wesley Colin Cameron
        Felix Hughes born 1 Oct 1874, Lancaster, Schuyler Co, Mo., occupation opera singer, died 9 Sep 1961, Los Angeles, CA
        Jean Hughes born ___ 1880, Keokuk, IA, died ___ 1880, Keokuk, IA
        _____ Hughes born ___ 1883, Keokuk, IA, died ___ 1883, Keokuk, IA
      Joshua Waters Hughes born ABT 1844, occupation Attorny, died Mt Pleasant, Ia.
      Martha Hughes born ABT 1855, married 6 Jan 1895, in Scotland Co, Mo, George Busby.
    Chelsey Woodward Hughes born ___ 1826, NC, married Nancy Racinda Smith.
(Not proven son of William).
      Felix Moner Hughes born ABT 1826, occupation Judge
      Mary Elizabeth Hughes
      John Dawson Hughes
      Benjamin Chelsey Hughes
      Daniel Freeman Hughes born 10 Aug 1848, married Nancy Catherine Stagner, born 3 Feb 1857, Richmond, KY, died 14 Jun 1936, AL. Daniel died 31 Mar 1915.
        William D Hughes born ___ 1867
        Mary Elizabeth Hughes born ___ 1869
        Sara Amanda Hughes born ___ 1871
        George W Hughes born 10 Aug 1879
        Thomas R Hughes born May 1881
        Robert T Hughes born ___ 1883
        Matte L Hughes born Jan 1886
        McDonald Hughes born Jun 1887
        Lewis Elsby Hughes born 7 Sep 1889, Rockford, AL
        Woodston Allen Hughes born 24 Jun 1892
        Rosa Etta Hughes born 7/ /1891
      William Hughes
      Lum Hughes
  Rice Hughes born ABT 1781, Bedford Co, Va
  Nicholas Hughes born ABT 1782

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